The Bloxham features a sweeping ski arm creating a classic yet sophisticated collection. It comes on a solid wood plinth available in dark oak, light oak, ebony, walnut, wenge, smoked grey and graphite finishes. Foam seats with fibre wraps and fibre backs make it incredibly comfortable.

Available Models

Chair 1 arm

w88cm, h85cm, d101cm

Love seat 1 arm

w110cm, h85cm, d101cm

Small unit 1 arm

w152cm, h85cm, d101cm

Medium 1 arm unit

w164cm, h85cm, d101cm

Large 1 arm unit

w200cm, h85cm, d101cm

Grand 1 arm unit

w220cm, h85cm, d101cm

Single corner unit

w101cm, h85cm, d101cm

Medium corner unit

w189cm, h85cm, d101cm

Large corner unit

w207cm, h85cm, d101cm

Grand corner unit

w217cm, h85cm, d101cm

Super grand corner unit

w253cm, h85cm, d101cm

Medium armless unit

w152cm, h85cm, d101cm

Large armless unit

w188cm, h85cm, d101cm

Grand armless unit

w208cm, h85cm, d101cm


w90cm, h85cm, d176cm

Medium footstool

w90cm, h35cm, d60cm

Large footstool

w122cm, h35cm, d75cm

Grand footstool

w125cm, h35cm, d105cm

Also available as a range of sofas.