This is an adaptation of the Orbis model with the same roll back support, but with a lower cut back arm for a more contemporary look. The wedged-shaped angled corner unit has been added to create a more spacious open corner composition. Broadway’s back seat cushions are bordered to match the seat cushions for a higher level of support. 

Available Models

Single Corner Unit

w102cm, h56cm, d102cm

Angled Corner Unit

w132cm, h56cm, d132cm

Angled Corner Unit (From Above)

w132cm, h56cm, d132cm

Grand Armless Unit

w204cm, h56cm, d102cm

Grand Corner Unit

w228cm, h56cm, d102cm

Grand 1 Arm Unit

w228cm, h56cm, d102cm

Large 1 Arm Unit

w202cm, h56cm, d102cm

Large Armless Unit

w178cm, h56cm, d102cm

Large Reverse Lounger

w208cm, h56cm, d102cm

Large Corner Unit

w215cm, h56cm, d102cm

Medium Corner Unit

w202cm, h56cm, d102cm

Medium Armless Unit

w153cm, h56cm, d102cm

Medium 1 Arm Unit

w176cm, h56cm, d102cm

Super Grand Corner Unit

w278cm, h56cm, d102cm

Also available as a sofa.