Sink into this gorgeous corner group and you won’t want to get out. Claudius combines to- die-for comfort and classic styling. Fibre seats and foam cores. Feather scatters. Solid wood feet available in dark oak, light oak, ebony, walnut, wenge, smoked grey or graphite finishes. Available with a tapered leg.

Available Models

1 arm 76cm unit

w76cm, h83cm, d110cm

1 arm 104cm unit

w104cm, h83cm, d110cm

1 arm 114cm unit

w114cm, h83cm, d110cm

1 arm 133cm unit

w133cm, h83cm, d110cm

1 arm 144cm unit

w144cm, h83cm, d110cm

1 arm 170cm unit

w170cm, h83cm, d110cm

1 arm 194cm unit

w194cm, h83cm, d110cm

1 arm 210cm unit

w210cm, h83cm, d110cm

1 arm 235cm unit

w230cm, h83cm, d110cm

Single corner unit

w110cm, h83cm, d110cm

Grand corner unit

w223cm, h83cm, d110cm

Super grand corner unit

w254cm, h83cm, d110cm

Armless 154cm unit

w155, h83cm, d110cm

Armless 178cm unit

w178, h83cm, d110cm

Armless 194cm unit

w194, h83cm, d110cm

Lounger unit

w95, h83cm, d175cm

Medium footstool

w90cm, h35cm, d60cm

Large footstool

w122cm, h35cm, d75cm

Maxi footstool

w125cm, h35cm, d105cm

Also available as a range of chairs, sofas, and love seats.