Contemporary high backed comfort and the versatility of a wide range of units make Gibson corner the perfect seating solution. Shown here as a grand corner unit with left hand facing arm and grand unit 1 arm with right hand facing arm. Foam seat with fibre wrap. Solid wood feet available in dark oak, light oak, ebony, walnut, wenge, smoked grey or graphite finishes. Bolt on arms for ease of delivery.

Available Models

Extra small 1 arm unit

w100cm, h86cm, d100cm

Small 1 arm unit

w113cm, h86cm, d100cm

Medium 1 arm unit

w175cm, h86cm, d100cm

Large 1 arm unit

w200cm, h86cm, d100cm

Grand 1 arm unit

w225cm, h86cm, d100cm

Single corner unit

w100cm, h86cm, d100cm

Medium corner unit

w201cm, h86cm, d100cm

Large corner unit

w214cm, h86cm, d100cm

Grand corner unit

w226cm, h86cm, d100cm

Super grand corner unit

w276cm, h86cm, d100cm

Extra small armless unit

w75cm, h86cm, d100cm

Small armless unit

w88cm, h86cm, d100cm

Medium armless unit

w150cm, h86cm, d100cm

Large armless unit

w175cm, h86cm, d100cm

Grand armless unit

w200cm, h86cm, d100cm

Lounger unit

w100cm, h86cm, d180cm

Medium footstool

w75cm, h42cm, d75cm

Large footstool

w88cm, h42cm, d75cm

Grand footstool

w102cm, h42cm, d75cm

Also available as a range of sofas and love seats.