Orbis Reverse Lounger

Orbis is a contemporary, relaxed and comfortable model. The foam bolsters buttoned to the frame behind the feather back cushions give extra comfort. Reversible feather backs come as standard, fibre backs optional. Foam seats with fibre wrap. Feather scatters. Solid wood feet available in dark oak, light oak, ebony, walnut, wenge, smoked grey or graphite finishes. Bolt-on arms for ease of delivery.

Available Models

Angled Corner Unit

w135cm, h53cm, d135cm

Angled Corner Unit From Above

w135cm, h53cm, d135cm

Extra small 1 arm unit

w100cm, h53cm, d105cm

Small 1 arm unit

w113cm, h53cm, d105cm

Medium 1 arm unit

w175cm, h53cm, d105cm

Large 1 arm unit

w200cm, h53cm, d105cm

Grand 1 arm unit

w225cm, h53cm, d105cm

Single corner unit

w105cm, h53cm, d105cm

Medium corner unit

w206cm, h53cm, d105cm

Large corner unit

w219cm, h53cm, d105cm

Grand corner unit

w231cm, h53cm, d105cm

Super grand corner unit

w281cm, h53cm, d105cm

Extra small armless unit

w75cm, h53cm, d105cm

Small armless unit

w88cm, h53cm, d105cm

Medium armless unit

w150cm, h53cm, d105cm

Large armless unit

w175cm, h53cm, d105cm

Grand armless unit

w200cm, h53cm, d105cm


w100cm, h53cm, d180cm

Large lounger

w124cm, h53cm, d165cm

Small Reverse Lounger

w130cm, h53cm, d105cm

Large Reverse Lounger

w205cm, h53cm, d105cm

Medium footstool

w75cm, h45cm, d75cm

Large footstool

w88cm, h45cm, d75cm

Grand footstool

w102cm, h45cm, d75cm

Orbis Small Reverse Lounger with Scatter

w130cm, h45cm, d75cm

Orbis Large Reverse Lounger with Scatters

w205cm, h45cm, d75cm